Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is something that car experts recommend during every other oil change. To put it into perspective, you should probably rotate them every 3 to 7 thousand miles. Although this often goes undone by most car owners, it can actually be quite a beneficial thing to do.

There are a few main reasons as to why you should rotate your car tires periodically. First, front and back tires wear at different rates. The weight upon them is different, and back tires do not turn. This creates an imbalance. By changing them every so often, wear can occur at more of a constant rate.

Additionally, tire tread - an important factor in maintaining friction - is worn down unevenly as well. Rotating your tires helps to maintain some of the traction on the tires, thus creating better grip. Rotating tires may seem like a hassle, but it'll save you money!

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