Dashboard Warning Alert

It is such an inconvenience to have your dashboard warning light go on but really, it would be an even bigger inconvenience to not have this alert system at all. Imagine driving along, never knowing that your vehicle is having a problem and before long, you are stalled on the side of the road, awaiting a tow truck to come drag your vehicle to the nearest shop. We here at Cooke Motor Company know it can be an inconvenience to have a problem with your vehicle but we want to help you any way that we can.

There are a few common problems that arise, alerting your vehicle's dashboard warning system that there is an issue you need to know about. This can include:

  • Low gas (usually under one gallon of fuel leftover)
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Flat tire
  • Low air pressure in your tires
  • Engine misfiring
  • Antilock break system malfunction
  • Airbag issue
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