Show Off Your Car’s Wild Side

There is no better way to show off your Halloween spirit than to decorate your vehicle. Most people use their vehicles daily to commute to and from school or work, so why not show off your personal style and creativity by decorating your vehicle. Here are some unique ways to give your car a costume this year for Halloween:

  • Team Spirit- Decorate your vehicle in honor of your favorite football team by using streamers in your teams colors, footballs, whistles, pom poms, and varsity jackets.
  • Pirates- Decorate your vehicle with a pirate flag, treasure chests, ships, gold coins, and even a parrot.
  • Christmas- Decorate your vehicle with a tree, presents, snow, Santa and his reindeer, and of course Christmas lights.

Here at Cooke Motor Company, we are always looking for ways to show off our vehicles. Why not show off yours this Halloween by decorating it and let your imagination run wild!

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