Change the Way You View Entertainment on the Road with the Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is changing the way family trips are taken on the road. What makes the Chrysler Pacifica unique?

With the UConnect system in the Pacifica providing two TV screens behind the passenger and driver seat, you'll never have to hear kids ask, "Are we there yet?" Children will have the capability to keep themselves preoccupied while you focus on driving. You'll be able to have a peaceful ride to wherever you choose to go. If your children don't want to watch a movie or TV, the Pacifica also offers them the chance to play games on various apps provided.

However, the Pacifica doesn't only keep kids entertained but can entertain adults who like to be competitive with one another. They can challenge each other in games like checkers or chess through the apps. This will allow anyone to have a fun car ride and enjoy themselves. You can be the envy of your friends who have kids -- or don't have kids -- because of the Pacifica's entertainment system.

The UConnect system is just scratching the surface with the Chrysler Pacifica. Come visit us at Cooke Motor Company today and test out the Pacifica with our helpful staff in Trinidad, CO.
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