The Importance of Regular Alignment

If you are driving along and you begin to feel shaking or a slight trembling of your steering wheel, this may be a sign that your vehicle is out of alignment. This is nothing to panic over, but you will want to give us here at Cooke Motor Company a call so we can bring your vehicle in and give it a once over to see what the problem might be. Usually, a quick alignment will fix this problem but our skilled technicians know what to look for before they start doing unnecessary repairs.

Another thing you can look for that will determine if your vehicle is out of alignment is if your tire treads look like they are wearing down in an uneven pattern. One wheel might be more worn than the other on the opposite side and this isn't typical if your vehicle is functioning normally. An alignment would be beneficial to remedy this. Stop by our auto service center here in Trinidad, CO for all of your car-care needs.

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