DIY Headlight Restoration with Household Items

Your friends at Cooke Motor Company wanted to share these restoration tips for cleaning up the headlights on your vehicle.

Start with toothpaste, place a small dab on each of the lenses, and then moisten a clean cloth with some warm water. Begin to work the toothpaste into the car lenses with circular motions. Once you see the film beginning to break up, use another dry cloth to remove all the toothpaste from the headlights.

Bug spray is also quite effective at restoring the headlight lens to new. Spray the solution on the rag first, then rub the big spray into the lens so none is getting on the paint. The bug spray needs to contain DEET in order to break down the film that is fogging the lenses. Use a clean cloth to remove all the bug spray when you're done.

Bring your vehicle to our service center here at Cooke Motor Company if you are in need of any servicing or parts.

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