Neglecting A Failing Fuel Pump Could Be Costly

It's common knowledge that cars can't run without fuel, so it may come as a surprise that many motorists neglect to have their fuel pump serviced.

One of the first signs of a damaged fuel pump is engine sputtering at high speeds. Failing fuel pumps have difficulty maintaining a constant flow of fuel, causing the engine to sputter.

Other warning signs that should never be ignored include overheating, loss of power when traveling uphill and speed surges. Closely monitor your engine temperature if you suspect your vehicle has a failing fuel pump. Pressure gauges can be used to determine how much pressure is being exerted by the fuel pump.

Do yourself, and your wallet a favor and have your car serviced at the first sign of trouble. Stop by our Trinidad, CO location and our experienced service technicians here at Cooke Motor Company will make sure your car is functioning at its full potential.

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