What is an All-Weather Floormat?

Cars without floor mats get dirty fast. The carpeting, the foot pedals, and even the seats collect dirt. But the place where dirt accumulates the quickest is on the floor. Whether you are wearing shoes, sneakers, boots, or are going barefoot, dust adheres to your feet. Even in Trinidad, CO where the streets appear clean, and sidewalks are plentiful, feet contact the ground where dirt and debris reside and pick up the residues for the seeming purpose of depositing them on the floor of your car.

The all-weather floor mat protects the interior of your vehicle from dirt and grime feet pick up. Thee consist of a rubber material that covers the floor where so many dirty feet go. They are removable, and because they are rubber, are easy to clean with a hose and brush.

At Cooke Motor Company, we carry all-weather floor mats in various colors and thicknesses. Visit us to pick up your new floor mats.

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