Get There Safely in a Dodge Charger

You want a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B in style and in one piece. If you are looking for a sedan that is not only big on performance but also big on safety features, we here at Cooke Motor Company in Trinidad, CO think the Dodge Charger is definitely worth your consideration.

The Dodge Charger comes equipped with advanced safety features designed to help lower your risk of an accident as well as to lower the risk of injury to you or your passengers should an accident occur. The Advanced Braking Assistance system will detect when you need to brake hard and fast, and it will automatically increase the force of your stop. A solid frame built with high-strength steel and a particularly strong roof provide a high level of safety for the cabin of the vehicle in the event that you are in a crash.

Stop by our showroom and request to test drive a Dodge Charger today!

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